Image of Wismec Reuleaux Rx200

Wismec Reuleaux Rx200

The Wismec Reuleaux is the ultimate High-Wattage device meant for anyone who really loves to crank it up! It has a Maximum Wattage capacity of 200W, so you’ll never be short of power! It is also capable of running several different types of wire in Temperature Control Mode; Stainless Steel (316), Nickel (Ni200), and Titanium! There are also three separate Manual settings in which you can create your own coil settings through the upgradeable firmware. Finally, if you are looking for a mod with extended battery life, this is the mod for you. It uses (3) 18650 batteries that run in series, so you get the life of three batteries instead of the usual two!  For best results, it is better to take the batteries out from the device and then charge the cells. *It is also important to remember that when using batteries in a series that the batteries MUST be the exact same battery. This will prevent issues with the batteries running at different voltage outputs

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