Image of 2 In 1 Phantom  Kit

2 In 1 Phantom Kit

Itsuwa is back with another solid starter option! The 2N1 Kit features a single-button operating device and an exceptionally easy-to-use tank system! Using a magnetic, threaded, bottom cap for the tank, you don’t need to worry about threading your tank into the device. Simply screw the cap adapter onto the bottom of the tank, and drop it into the device! The magnets will hold the tank in place, as well as provide a steady connection, and will get you to vaping your favorite juices faster than ever before. The battery itself is a 1500mAh device, so you can expect a drastically long battery life, as well as incredibly simple functionality. Whether you’re looking to get into vaping as a brand new vaper, or you’re just looking for a simple device to bring around town with you, you’ve arrived at your destination! The Itsuwa 2N1 Kit was made just for you!

Site: Vista Vapors
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