Image of Nasty Ballin Passion Killa By Nasty Juice E-liquid

Nasty Ballin Passion Killa By Nasty Juice E-liquid

Passion Killa Nasty Ballin E-Liquid is a triple shot of passion fruit and tropical fruits that will rock your world. This exhilarating blend of exotic passion fruit, pineapple and coconut will dazzle your taste buds with every vape. Passion Killa has a perfectly balanced sweet to tangy ratio with an extra kick. Passion Killa by Nasty Ballin is a refreshing and densely flavored e juice that doesn't leave an artificial aftertaste. Nasty Ballin features a luxurious cocktail shaker bottle with a unique ball bearing inside the bottle to seriously shake up your juice. Every bottle comes with an authenticity seal. Try it this top selling new e juice today!

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